My work has always been about learning to see and appreciate the unseen:  meaning both the mental concepts and ideas that inspire and engage us, and the inner emotions and processes that characterize our minds.  It is this interaction or negotiation between the heart or felt and the mind or known, which interests me the most.


I explore the environment of the external world, and how nature, architecture, objects and culture relate to the internal structures, mark making, patterns, thoughts and the emotions we work with as individuals.  The dichotomy between east and west, the rich history of printed materials of all kinds from fine arts to crafts, the tools of mechanical reproduction and photography, the discoveries of science and physicality of travel have inspired much of my work.


The craft, hard work, critical observation and labor of art making accesses the rich language of images and objects that evoke wonder, beauty, intelligence, understanding, empathy, ethics and poetics.  I believe that throughout history, the arts are one of the major ways that we record our true understanding as human beings, and that the arts are a tool to continue to reach across the global, cultural, religious and intellectual divides that plague us as human beings.